Software development.

The Software Development solution is a service model that allows us to support you in managing the Corrective, Evolutionary and Development Maintenance of your information systems. Our service proposal is based on Service Agreements (SLA) and Clear Estimation Models, which guarantee the quality of the service, in terms of response time, productivity and efficiency. Our pillars are based on a proven methodological strategy, vast experience in application development, a highly qualified human team and Software Development Process methodologies proven in numerous clients.

  • Want to build high-quality mobile apps in less time and at lower cost? We develop your mobile application for cell phones and tablets in React Native.
  • We build amazing web apps with React.js React.js is a library developed and maintained by the Facebook team, perfect for creating user interfaces that are interactive, scalable, and easy to maintain.
  • Finished Product A scope and fixed price are established based on detailed and stable requirements.
  • Hour Packages Contract for fixed development hours, to be used in an agile and flexible manner as needed.
  • Dedicated staff We provide specialized talent and the client manages their requirements.


Agile Methodology.

Web and mobile applications


Web development in React.js and development of mobile applications in React Native

If you are looking to obtain high-quality software that adapts to any device, we offer you the development of your applications in React.js and React Native.

React.js and React Native are essential tools for modern software development, which will allow you to have high-quality, reusable and high-performance applications that can adapt to any device or platform.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs (Software Development).

React.js and React Native are open source software development technologies designed to create modern, high-performance user interfaces for either web or mobile applications.

React.js and React Native are efficient and effective tools for software development, offering high performance, ease of component maintenance and reuse, cross-platform adaptability, a large development community, and many other benefits.

Software development in React.js and React Native is component-based, which means that specific components can be designed for each platform or device, ensuring complete and efficient adaptability.

The development time for a project in React.js and React Native will depend on the specific requirements of your project. We can provide a more accurate time estimate once project details are discussed.

Before beginning the development of the project, we will have a meeting with you to discuss the specific requirements, objectives and expectations of the project. In addition, we can provide a detailed development plan and demo of the software in progress to ensure that the project is proceeding as agreed.

Backend software is the part “behind the screen” that handles the functionality and data management of an application or system. It is important because it is what makes an application or system work efficiently and securely.

There are many programming languages that we use for backend software development, some of the most common are PHP and Node.js.

We use advanced security measures to protect your data. This includes data encryption, user authentication, and protection against vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.

We have a platform for you to access and review the development progress of your project. This platform may include regular updates, demos, and an online communication channel.

When developing software in React.js and React Native, we follow a rigorous testing process to ensure the quality and functionality of the software. The testing process includes unit tests, integration tests, acceptance tests, and more.

Technical support and maintenance will be available to you after the project is complete, ensuring that any problems or errors are resolved quickly and effectively.

The cost of developing software in React.js and React Native will depend on the specific requirements of the project. We can provide a more accurate cost estimate once project details are discussed.

We follow information security best practices to ensure that the data and information you provide is safe and secure at all times during the development process and after the project is complete.

Yes, we can create custom solutions to suit your specific business needs. This can include creating custom databases, integrating different systems and technologies, and much more.

We offer maintenance and upgrade services to make sure your systems are always running optimally. If there is a problem, our company can fix it quickly and make sure your system is running smoothly again.

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